"Molly I. McLaughlin is a dedicated student and teacher of Hatha Yoga. She has been studying yoga seriously for over 7 years, and was introduced at a very young age. She is trained in anatomy, asana, principles of alignment, meditation, pranayama, philosophy, energy healing, wellness, and Thai massage. She has studied under a number of wonderful teachers in India, Colorado, California, and Hawai'i.

Inspired by a range of practices including; Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini, Anusara, and Restorative, she currently refers to her style as “Open Yoga”. Open yoga is just as it sounds, blending some of the greatest tools from each practice, holding true to the roots of Hatha Yoga. Molly is sincere, authentic, intuitive, and skilled. She lives her practice every day, and is a true embodiment of her deep love for yoga and life. Molly is devoted to the earth, enjoys swimming in the ocean, and adores her community. She also works as a Photographer, and special event Production Manager."



"Bobby Hoyt has spent the past twelve years teaching donation-based classes in North Kohala; Peru, Vermont; San Francisco; Burning Man and Florence, Italy. Originally trained in Shivanada and then certified with 300+ hours training in Asthanga Vinyasa with Larry Schulze from It’s Yoga in San Francisco. Bobby has assisted in multiple teacher trainings at It’s Yoga. He has also practiced and studied Iyengar with multiple teachers on an in-depth level. Continuing to expand his horizons, he has taken multiple workshops and retreats in Tripscore and Universal Yoga. Bobby’s class incorporates all that he studies and practices which equals a class that allows the practitioner to move with one’s breath while quieting the mind. Instead of staying parked in the front of the class, Bobby walks throughout the class making small and non-aggressive adjustments. His use of music and light-hearted humor adds to a unique practice soaked in many traditions."